Container Rental & Sales

Need a simple storage container?

We can supply powered or unpowered containers to your site for a variety of purposes


  • Dangerous good storage
  • First aid huts
  • Secure site storage
  • Materials storage
  • Powered maintenance workshop
  • etc

Got a custom project in mind?

Let’s bring it to life together!

Are you struggling to find the right storage or transport solution for your business or personal needs? Perhaps you’re seeking to expand your storage capacity, transport goods securely, or even create a mobile workspace. In such cases, have you considered the benefits of container rental and sales? Shipping containers offer unparalleled versatility and durability, providing businesses and individuals with a range of options tailored to their unique requirements.


At Castle Portable Buildings, our comprehensive container rental and sales services provide customers with the perfect storage and transport solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the right container for short-term or long-term requirements. Moreover, our containers meet the highest safety standards to keep your goods secure wherever they go.




Shipping Container Hire Available

Shipping container hire is an excellent option for temporary storage, transport solutions, or even pop-up spaces for events and retail. Our fleet comprises containers of various sizes and specifications tailored to diverse needs. Whether you are moving, hosting an event, or needing additional storage for busy business periods, our flexible mobile lab hire options ensure cost-effective and efficient solutions.
At Castle Portable Buildings, we take pride in providing high-quality container rental and sales services to suit various needs. From storage to transportation and even customized modifications, we have the expertise and resources to deliver top-notch solutions. Contact us today to help us find the perfect container for your needs.


Office Containers

With the modern workforce becoming increasingly mobile, our customized office containers provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to traditional spaces. Our units have all the necessary amenities, including electricity, lighting, heating, and plumbing. Whether for on-site offices or remote workspaces, our office containers provide a comfortable and secure working environment.


Living Containers

Our living containers offer the perfect solution for those looking to create temporary living spaces for employees or individuals. With various sizes and customization options available, we can transform a standard shipping container into a comfortable and functional living area. From single units to multi-level structures, our living containers are designed to meet the needs of any project.


Flat Rack Containers

Our flat rack containers are ideal for transporting oversized or bulky items that cannot fit into standard shipping containers. With collapsible sides and end walls, loading and unloading becomes more manageable, making them the perfect solution for heavy equipment, vehicles, or machinery. Our team can also provide modifications such as ramps and tie-down points to ensure safe transportation of your goods.


Storage Containers

At Castle Portable Buildings , our range of storage containers offers unparalleled security and versatility for holding goods. Available in various sizes, these containers are perfect for personal possessions, inventory, or equipment, ensuring everything remains safe, dry, and protected. Our durable containers provide the desired reliability for short-term or long-term storage.


Your Premier Choice for Container Solutions

Choose Castle Portable Buildings for your container needs and benefit from our industry-leading advantages:


Extensive Inventory Selection

We offer a diverse range of container types and sizes to suit every requirement, ensuring you find the perfect match for your storage or transportation needs.


Customized Solutions

Our expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions, whether you need modifications for specific uses or have unique requirements. We adapt our containers to meet your exact needs.


Competitive Pricing

Get the best value for your investment with our competitive pricing. We strive to offer cost-effective options without compromising on quality or service.


Exceptional Customer Service

Experience unparalleled support from our dedicated team who guides you through every step, from selection to delivery, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory process.


Flexible Rental Agreements

With options for both short-term and long-term hires, our rental agreements are designed to accommodate your project’s timeline, providing you with the flexibility you need.


Hassle-Free Experience

We manage all logistics, from delivery to pick-up, making your experience as convenient and stress-free as possible.


Transparency and Trust

Our clear contracts and straightforward communication build trust, ensuring there are no surprises or hidden fees.


At Castle Portable Buildings, we are committed to delivering excellence in every intermodal container we rent or sell. Contact us today, and let us provide you with a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your container needs.