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Mobile Lab

Mobile Lab

Are you in need of a temporary laboratory setup for your hospital, lab, or other facility? Is your lab undergoing renovations or repairs, leaving you without a functioning space? Look no further than our mobile lab rental units. With state-of-the-art equipment and customizable options, our mobile labs are the perfect solution for your temporary laboratory needs.

Our mobile lab solutions address the growing demand for flexibility in laboratory settings. With technological advancements and ever-changing research needs, having a static lab may not always be feasible. Our mobile labs offer the convenience of a fully functional lab space that can be easily transported to different locations.

At Castle Portable Buildings, we have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in designing and constructing mobile laboratory units. We understand the importance of having a sterile and efficient lab space, so our units are built to meet industry standards and guidelines.

Mobile Lab Hire

If you’re facing a temporary lab closure or have a short-term project that requires laboratory space, our mobile lab hire service is the perfect solution. Each unit is designed to provide the same level of functionality you’d expect in a permanent lab setting. Whether for clinical research, education, or projects needing specialized lab functions, our transportable buildings for hire  are customized to meet your precise needs.

With flexibility at its core, our mobile lab hire service allows for rapid deployment to any location, ensuring your research or testing schedules remain uninterrupted. This is particularly beneficial for projects with tight deadlines or those that must be conducted in multiple locations. The mobility aspect also greatly reduces setup times, making it a cost-effective option without compromising quality or capabilities.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence and going beyond just providing space. Our team offers full support throughout the rental period, ensuring that every technical aspect is covered. This includes maintenance, troubleshooting, and customization options to make your temporary lab as efficient as your permanent one. Our ultimate goal is to provide a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on your research and projects.

Contact us today to learn more about our mobile lab solutions and how we can help you with your temporary laboratory needs. Don’t let renovations or repairs disrupt your work – choose Castle Portable Buildings for reliable, high-quality mobile labs.

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What Does Our Mobile Labs Includes?

Our mobile labs have all the necessary equipment and features to ensure a fully functional laboratory space. Our clients have the option to customize their units according to their specific needs, but here are some of the standard features you can expect:

Lab Workstations

Our mobile labs feature fully functional lab workstations with sinks, storage cabinets, temp toilet, and electrical outlets. These workstations are designed to provide a comfortable and efficient workspace for lab personnel and can be customized according to specific lab needs.

Refrigerator and Freezer

Our mobile labs have refrigeration units to store and preserve samples, chemicals, and other materials. These units are maintained at appropriate temperatures to store various substances used in laboratory settings safely.

Biological Safety Cabinets

For labs that handle biological materials, our mobile lab rental units also include biological safety cabinets. These specialized workspaces provide an enclosed, sterile environment for handling potentially hazardous materials. They are designed to prevent contamination and maintain the integrity of samples and experiments.

Laboratory Equipment

Our mobile labs come equipped with various laboratory equipment, including microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and more. These equipment are essential for conducting various tests and experiments and can be customized based on specific project requirements.

Climate Control

Maintaining optimal conditions for sensitive experiments and samples, our mobile labs feature advanced climate control systems. These systems ensure consistent temperature, humidity, and air quality levels within the unit, critical for accurate results.

Data and Communication Systems

Our mobile labs are equipped with data and communication systems to ensure seamless connectivity. With these systems, lab personnel can easily access necessary information and communicate with colleagues or researchers in other locations.

Pick up your mobile phone and call us now! Learn more about our mobile lab rental price and how we can help you with your temporary laboratory needs. Get a free quote today!